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What Are the Most Common Reasons for Divorce After the Age of 50?

 Posted on August 17, 2021 in Divorce

Kendall County gray divorce lawyerPeople over the age of 50 make up a large percentage of the population in the United States, and this demographic is continuing to grow as Baby Boomers get older and retire. As this part of the population increases, it makes sense that the rates of divorce for people over 50 are also increasing. By understanding some of the common reasons for these “gray divorces,” spouses can be aware of issues that may indicate that their marriage is in trouble, or they may decide that divorce is the best option to ensure that they can be as happy as possible throughout the rest of their lives.

Reasons Older Couples Choose to Get Divorced

  • Infidelity - Cheating can take place in any marriage, but for those who have been married for a longer amount of time, there is more opportunity for spouses to wander. This can especially be true for those who are unsatisfied with their marriage or who have experienced relationship problems. In many cases, infidelity is the “final straw” that leads couples to decide to end their marriage.

  • Financial issues - Older couples will have had longer to build and maintain financial stability, settle into spending patterns, and save for retirement. However, if a couple has experienced disagreements about finances throughout their marriage, they may eventually decide that these matters will be impossible to resolve, and they may choose to end their marriage rather than continuing to struggle over these issues. Older couples may also choose to divorce because of one spouse’s financial mismanagement, such as extravagant spending habits or gambling. The stress of unexpected debts due to health problems, job loss, or natural disasters may also cause a relationship to break down, leading to divorce.

  • Empty nest syndrome - Couples will often need to make major adjustments to their lives after their children grow up and leave the home. After focusing on parenting duties for so many years, spouses may find themselves adrift, and they may struggle to relate to each other. As they determine what to do with their new free time and begin to focus on new pursuits, they may find that their relationship with each other no longer works, or issues that they had chosen to ignore for years may no longer be avoidable. For parents who no longer have a healthy relationship, divorce may be the best option.

  • Growing apart - Even if a couple had not previously experienced relationship problems, they may find that they are moving in different directions or have different priorities. Since people have longer life expectancies than in the past, and modern medicine allows older people to maintain better health, a person may begin to pursue new opportunities later in life. Some may find that they have desires or goals that their spouse does not share, and ending their marriage may be necessary for them to be able to pursue their dreams.

Contact Our Kendall County Gray Divorce Lawyers

If you are considering getting divorced after the age of 50, you will likely need to address some unique and challenging legal and financial issues. The lawyers of Goostree Law Group can help you understand your options, and we will help you take the right steps to end your marriage, ensuring that you will be able to move forward with your life and enjoy your golden years. Contact our Yorkville divorce attorneys at 630-634-5050 to arrange a free consultation.





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