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Divorce Over 50

Attorneys Serving DuPage County, Kane County, and Kendall County, Illinois

Are you over the age of 50 and considering a divorce? If so, you are not alone. Over the last few decades, the divorce rate for older Americans has more than doubled. There are many reasons for this increase, including a strong desire by older adults to be truly happy and content during their “golden years.” As their children grow up and leave home, many couples realize that they have simply grown apart and decide not to spend the rest of their lives feeling unhappy or discontent.

Commonly referred to as “gray divorce,” divorce between spouses over age 50 generally involves concerns that are quite different from divorces involving younger spouses. Older couples have often been married for many years, which means there are usually more complicated assets such as real estate holdings and businesses to account for during the process. In addition, retirement may be imminent, which could affect the awarding of spousal support. Health issues and insurance considerations may also play a significant role in the proceedings. At Goostree Law Group, our attorneys have the experience, resources, compassion, and knowledge to help you manage your gray divorce while fully protecting your rights.

Dating Over 50

Kane County Attorneys

If you are getting divorced as an older adult, you might have started to think about dating again—at least at some point in the near future. However, if you have been married for many years, you may be surprised at how much the dating landscape has changed. Dating websites and mobile phone apps have become the norm, which can be overwhelming if you have not kept up with advances in technology. It is also important to keep in mind that dating during your divorce could complicate the process, and our attorneys can help you avoid potential problems.

The Family Home

For many couples, the family home is the largest investment they will ever make. Even if you have other assets that are more financially valuable, your marital home is also likely to have a significant amount of sentimental value as well, especially if you and your family lived there for many years. More than a building, your home may feel almost like a member of your family—the place where you watched your children grow up and where countless memories were made.

It is understandable that you might wish to keep your home in the wake of a divorce, and our attorneys will do everything we can to help you do so. We will analyze your financial situation and assist you in taking the necessary steps toward assuming full ownership of your home if the circumstances allow. If not, we will work hard to ensure that the sale of your home is completed smoothly and that you receive an equitable share of the proceeds.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Getting divorced at age 50 or older can leave you feeling frightened and overwhelmed by the uncertainty of the future. Starting over is possible but doing so will take a great deal of hard work. You may need to find a new job, save some money, and find a new place to live. The foundation for your new life will be based on the terms of your divorce settlement. Our attorneys will help you secure an equitable share of your marital assets and work with you in obtaining spousal support if appropriate. We will also provide the guidance you need as you look to establish yourself as an individual, perhaps for the first time in your life.

    How do I start over financially at 50 years old?

  • Under the law in Illinois, spousal support may be awarded when the court identifies a financial need by one spouse following a divorce. If you are nearing retirement, you could be ordered to pay support to your spouse until you actually retire, at which point the order could be reviewed and terminated if your financial situation has changed substantially. If you are already retired, you might not be required to make maintenance payments. In such a case, the asset division process may be used to address your spouse’s financial needs.

    Will I have to pay spousal support if I am retired?

  • In most marriages, the family home is a marital asset that must be considered during the property division process. If you and your spouse can reach an equitable agreement and you can afford to stay in the home, keeping the house could be an option. There may be tax breaks or deferments available that could increase your chances of staying in your home. The family home, however, may be the largest single asset you and your spouse own, and it may be necessary to sell the home in order to facilitate an equitable distribution of your marital property.

    Should I keep the family home?

  • If you have spent your adult life as a stay-at-home parent or homemaker, you may be anxious about the idea of finding a job in the wake of your divorce. Those who have never had a career before may not even know where to begin. However, starting a career at or over age 50 is possible, and our attorneys can help you get started. We will work to ensure you have the resources you need to obtain the training and education required, and we can help connect you to job-related resources in the community, if that is the best course of action. Our team is dedicated to getting you on your feet as quickly as possible following your divorce.

    I have never had a career. What do I do now?

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