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Reentering the Workforce After Divorce

How to go back to work after divorce over 50

DuPage County Divorce Lawyers Assist Older Adults

Are you over the age of 50 and facing an imminent divorce? Have you been primarily a stay-at-home parent or homemaker for most of your marriage? If the answer to these questions is "yes," you are probably concerned about what your life will be like after your divorce. Depending on the circumstances, you might qualify for enough spousal support to provide for your needs. In many older divorce cases, it is simply not possible for one spouse's income to support two households, which means that you might need to go back to work.

At Goostree Law Group, we understand the challenges that many divorced individuals face as they attempt to reenter the workforce after many years. Our experienced attorneys are equipped to help you as you search for a job that meets your needs both during and after your divorce.

Establishing Yourself After a Divorce

If you have spent the last few decades at home raising your children and managing the house, it is understandable that you have largely attached your identity to that of your spouse and your children. With this in mind, a divorce can be both devastating as well as a chance to start something new and exciting. For the first time in many years—or maybe ever—you could have the opportunity to establish yourself as a strong, capable individual.

The idea of finding a job and going to work might be daunting, especially at a time in your life when many of your friends are making plans to retire. The benefits of getting back into the workforce, however, extend beyond making enough money. For many older divorcees, restarting a career—or starting one for the first time—gives them new energy and excitement. The same could be true for you. Your new job can give you a sense of belonging and importance that might have been missing in your life for a long time.

The Changing Landscape of Finding a Job

As you take the first steps toward rejoining the workforce, you will quickly notice that the process of finding a job has changed dramatically since you last worked. The days of walking into a business and asking for an employment application are largely gone. Most companies use online application systems, which can be intimidating for an older person who has not kept up with advancing technology. For this reason, many communities offer job-related resources for older individuals who are looking to re-establish their careers.

Many employers also have higher required qualifications than was typically the case in past generations. As a result, you might need to consider job-training or educational programs first. If this is the case for you, our attorneys can help you request spousal support in your divorce to help cover your expenses while you get the training and education that you need. It is also a good idea to consider temporary, seasonal, or part-time employment to make some extra money and add to your resume as you obtain the skills you need for the job you want.

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