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Leaving an Abusive Spouse When You Are Over Age 50

 Posted on February 25, 2022 in Divorce

Statistics demonstrate that intimate partner violence affects married couples of all ages, ethnicities, and income levels. Some studies show that the frequency and Naperville Divorce Lawyerseverity of abuse increase as couples age. Sadly, the longer a spouse tolerates abusive treatment, the less likely he or she may be to leave his or her spouse. Many older adults worry that they will not be able to afford to live on their own. They may also be convinced that they somehow deserve to be mistreated due to years of manipulation from the other spouse.

It takes a tremendous amount of courage to divorce an abusive spouse. If you are ready to leave an abusive spouse, know that you do not have to face this alone. A divorce lawyer with experience in gray divorce matters and domestic violence can be your legal advocate and guide you through the divorce process.

Orders of Protection for Abuse Victims in Illinois

Many people are afraid to leave an abusive spouse because they fear retaliation. If you are currently being abused, threatened, or harassed by your spouse, consider getting an order of protection. In Illinois, emergency protection orders are often available on a same-day basis. An Emergency Order of Protection (EOP) can require your spouse to:

  • Stay away from you and your family

  • Vacate your shared residence

  • Refrain from possessing firearms

  • Cease communication with you through mail, phone, email, or other means

If you need a longer period of protection than the EOP offers, you have the option to attend a hearing for a Plenary Order of Protection. If your spouse violates any of the terms of your protection order, he or she is subject to arrest and criminal charges.

Temporary Relief Orders May Provide Financial Assistance

While some abuse victims are the breadwinners of the family, often, the abuse victim makes less money than the abuser. Many domestic violence and abuse sufferers are afraid to leave their spouse because they do not have the resources to be financially independent.  If you are in this situation, you should know that spousal support (alimony) may be available during and after the divorce. You can petition the court for a temporary relief order for spousal support at any point during the divorce proceedings.

Contact a DuPage County Gray Divorce Lawyer

If you are getting divorced and you are over age 50, Divorce Over 50 - Goostree Law Group can help. Our team of Wheaton divorce attorneys is well versed in divorce issues affecting older adults as well as domestic violence matters. We can help you address spousal maintenance, retirement, and much more. Call us today at 630-634-5050 for a confidential consultation.





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